Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My birthday was yesterday and it was great.

Friends and well wishers all made it memorable; from the Facebook messages to calls from family and friends i felt loved.

This day opened my eyes once again to the value of having true friendships.

Life is to be shared and not to be lived alone.

Its not about the number of friends but the depth and value of these friends.

Friendship is mutual and not one-sided.

What value do you add to the lives of your friends?

What value do they add to you?

Friends can make or break you.

That why the bible says evil communication corrupts good manners.

Think about it today?

When you sit around your friends,what do you discuss about?

Are your discussions productive or are they deforming to the mind?

Do your friends build you character positively or are they the faulty blocks in your life?

Good friends are like treasures; hard to find but should be valued.

Though i have a lot of acquittance,i have very few friends.

Friends are people you allow into the private circle of your life.

They can be trusted(at least to a reasonable level)

They can be there for you and you wont think twice being there for them.

Thats why its important to scrutinize very deeply before you allow anyone into this circle.

Its a delicate and very important part of your life because they can help you make life changing decisions that could steer your life the right or wrong way.

But i dont have any friends you say. i will deal in-depth into that in future posts.

You have to be friendly to people for them to be friendly to you.

Smile more,help that person across the table with the salt,tell that person on the bus that they got something on their teeth.

A friend next door could be more valuable than a relative in the next town in times of need.

God bless you