Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Have you ever been deep in thought or lost on an issue and suddenly someone says something.
Could be a passerby or in a conversation with a friend that you were half-listening to.
Suddenly! they say just the right word and it triggers answers in your mind, clear pictures showing you what to do.
It is an amazing feeling i must say.
The other person might have no idea how much they've helped but deep in your mind you know it.
If you are the expressive type you could give them a hug or even scream. lol.
Its a great feeling to have questions answered, mysteries solved, ideas conceived by the trigger of one word or sentence.

That's how the Revealed word of God (Rhema) feels. A word in due season.
When the holy Spirit uses a particular scripture to minister to you in your dire time of need.
It boosts your faith, it excites you.
His word reveals the mysteries of his purpose and plan for your life Ephesians 1vs 8-10.

As people who have to work everyday, its not easy to spend reasonable time studying the Word of God but if we would remember that just as the body needs food.
The soul also needs to be fed. And one way or the other it will be fed. So won't you rather consciously feed your soul with God's word, or unconsciously allow it to be constantly fed with all the garbage in this world.
Reading the Bible cannot be seen as a daily routine or you would miss the whole point, its a process of edifying your soul as you did your body with physical food.

There is a word for you today about that Situation you are in.
Take time to study and meditate on God's word today.
Let it be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. Psalm 119 vs 105, 2 peter 1vs 19

God Bless you

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easier Said than Done

The other day i put up on Facebook that i had a great taste for music and i got people asking me to give them examples of the kind of songs i listen to.
When i tried to write a list i was stopped in my tracks.
Reality...i had been listening to two particular songs all day and didn't even realize it.

Whilst i had other songs on my phone that i could play i chose to put these two songs on replay and i never got tired of them; So inspired by Waje and Haven't seen the last of me by Cher.
My mind subconsciously drew strength from them. I was at a point of breaking.
I was not at a good place at work.
Not only was i being picked on by my Boss; i was experiencing creativity suppression(hope that makes
Every creative idea was shut down with immediate effect.
Every creative move was criticized.
I was on creative and participatory lockdown.(hope that's a
As i listened to those songs i realised how deeply saddened i was about this.
This is a career path i chose to follow against all odds.
Now i was almost being bullied out of it.
I had to make a choice; run away from it or stay and learn from it.
I remembered that a few Sundays ago my Pastor; Pastor Poju Oyemade had being speaking about how times like this come to prepare you for a higher level of Glory.
If you run away then you are not ready to handle the next level. If you endure and ask God to reveal all the lessons he wants you to learn from the situation then you are set to go.
I must confess that it's not as easy as it sounds. Almost gave up. but i stayed.
Prayed for guidance to handle the situation. Spoke to a good friend who was always available when i wanted to rant and complain;bless him.
Sharing helps relieve the bad emotions that's when your sharing is not motivated by gossip or trying to spoil the person's name.
I made a decision to forgive her, and love her irrespective of the obvious negative vibe i was getting.
i will use the experience to grow and not fall into the mistake that made me vulnerable (i think it was wrong timing and not understanding her personality. She likes to be the one with all the ideas. Whew!)
i have also learnt something about thanksgiving.
It always works. If you can thank God in the darkest of times please do.
It opens doors faster.
It works.
Anyways, i thank God things are going better.
I'm a better person for it

Won't forget that line in Waje's song.
Even if you cause me trouble,
i won't let it get to me
I'm so inspired.

Are you feeling a little out of touch with yourself?
Does it seem like the spice of life has somewhat left you.
Look around you, there's always something to be grateful for:
1 Thess 5:18.
In all things give thanks
and you would surely find something that would inspire you.
God bless you


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why the Silence

Read a blog lately and the post was about abandoned blogs. i was moved to tears not because i was guilty but because of some of the comments that people made. they spoke about how some blog posts were indeed timely .
I have personally had that experience where i read someone's blog and it was like God sent the person to answer a question brewing in my heart at that very moment.
i want to apologize for the silence and whatever excuse i give would not make up for the impact it had.
When i receive some emails i can only thank God for using me to bless so many people around the world even in places i never knew existed.
I started a new job which has been more tasking than i bargained for but i'm grateful to God for the opportunity to be better and to grow
Thank you all for the comments and emails of encouragement sent after my Dad's death
New post coming up soonest.
God bless you all
Oma Nnabuihe