Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stop hating on people

The other day an old classmate found me on facebook and added me.
I had lost contact with most of my High school friends and was glad to reconnect.
In less than 48 hours he wrote this on my wall

"I like you as a person even in secondary sch.(Ojo High) but I just discovered through fb(facebook) that you're so full of yourself. Don't forget that true fame and greatness comes from above".

This is someone i haven't spoken to in over 9 years! How do you judge someone so harshly by going through their facebook page for 48hours.

I responded to the post and said this
"Wow! Good to know. Stanley the Judge. You will be judged in like measure. Thank you so much"
I was stunned that anyone would act in such a manner but it made me think and reevaluate my life.
I looked back at the years and saw the struggle with my faith, my career and everything; the way i had consciously taken hard decisions that had found favour with God and made my life better.

2011 was a unique year for me with major life changing events and through it all i have been able to say God i am thankful,
For all i have achieved and all i aspire to achieve.
I believe in living a life without limits or bounds.
I believe that all is possible because i draw strength from the ultimate source;God

i am not perfect and i am a human with emotions but just like every other heaven bound christian i strive each day to be like my Father in heaven.
So if you don't like my life or the way i portray and share it with my friends, kindly do me a favor and remove the speck in your eyes before you try to remove mine.
The sun doesn't shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the whole wide world's joy. There is enough wealth, fame, happiness and love to go round


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy New Year

Hello friends,
Its been a while.
Hope you are doing great and the new year is looking up.
My new year has been kind of slow so far but i believe it would pick up soon.
I hope to be a better blogger this year.
i have so much i want to share with you all.
Stay strong, Be kind to one another