Monday, June 13, 2011


There goes a saying thus “True character is portrayed when no one else is looking”

How do you act when no one is watching?

When it’s you and only you that make the decisions?

When you will not be questioned and are answerable to no one but yourself?

When there are no rewards for acting right?

How do you behave or speak when no one is watching?

Favour, Connections and hardwork can get us to unimaginable heights both in our career and personal life but it’s our character that will either help us blossom or run us down

Mans true nature is to be selfish and even God when giving us his greatest commandment knew this. He said LOVE your neighbour AS YOURSELF.

What you cannot do for yourself, you will never do for others. Only Christ has shown us Unselfish love through his death on the cross.

You work for a company for 20years and decided to start up your own small business; no one is watching or asking you for your account book.

How you take decisions in that business will say if it will thrive or die.

Do you make a profit of 2 million and spend 1.5million buying a new car just to show off to your friends when you have an old one that still motorable? Wouldn’t you reinvest in your business so it can give you even more profit.

As a Christian student living in the hostel do you pray and do devotions only when your roommate is around so you can seem holy?

Would you wear a dress that would be considered filthy to a party because you believe you wouldn’t meet anyone you know there?

Would you insult the bus conductor who annoyed you cos no face looks familiar in the bus?

One day, everything that is done in secret will be brought to light.

Why live in fear that one day your wrong doing will be brought to light when you have the power to SAY NO and do what’s right.

It’s not easy. The spirit might be willing but this flesh is weak and needs to be tamed and trained to do what’s right.

Try it out today.

When you are alone – That upright decision is better.

When no one’s there – The right action is more rewarding.

When the lights go off – Stop and think again; will I be caught doing this if the lights are on.

God bless you.