Sunday, November 17, 2013

Its All For The Best

This too is for the best. 

It’s a line many of us have heard people say, and it’s sometimes used as a spiritual slogan. But in truth, events have the potential to be so much more. 

The true test of certainty is not in the moments when everything is going smoothly, but in the times when it seems like everything around us is falling apart. 

I say “seems” because it is, in fact, all an illusion. Most of the time when things seem to be falling apart, they are really just coming together, albeit very much in disguise to us. 

There are so many clear examples of this. A man misses his flight. He’s upset because he has many things to do at his destination and many are depending on him. In the most disturbing scenario, his missed plane crashes. In the best case scenario, he meets someone special he is meant to meet on his next flight. Maybe we will never know why he missed his flight, but there was definitely a reason. 

We don’t always get to see the bigger picture, but we need to remember there always is one. 

The spiritual path encourages us to recall that there is a positive aspect to every event, and to trust and appreciate that the universe is always working on our behalf. We can use these moments to grow our certainty in the Creator, who intends only what is best for us, no matter how it may look or feel through the lens of our limited perspective. 

This is why an old saying like, “This too is for the best,” is so much more than a slogan. When we believe it with all our heart and mind, we activate a spiritual technology that will assist us in experiencing the good in all that happens. 

Everything is for the best.

We don’t have to see it right away. We just have to trust it. 

Credit Weekly Kabbalah