Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Sitting in the midst of plenty,
Surrounded by diverse bounty,
Africa still cries and wails of lack.

A land were men and women were royalties, a land of tales of abundance, now rings with weeps of slavery. 

Slaves bounded by their own mind sickness,enslaved by their very own ignorance,men,women and children languish in pain , diseases and poverty. 

Tis no tale that this same land 
Is rich with young men and women with creative minds 
Who have travelled far and wide to acquire knowledge,great knowledge capable of healing this cankerworm;
Yet the destructive trend continues,to a future with no ray of light in view. 

How can the average age of an african president be 60?
These are men and women who have lived their lives but its time to live ours. 
Truth is they make gross avoidable mistakes without a second thought,and leave you in the world to face the consequences. 
Where are the young,capable and creative minds,who have a future to look and build toward. 

Hear this clarion call to you,

Young men and women of africa. You are the elite of the world and the only cure to this madness.
Its time to take your future in your hands,
Not with violence cos its a primitive way of solving problems,
But with the knowledge and creativity you have acquired; cause this is the worlds greatest power. 

Tell your friends, brothers and sisters,that its time to take back OUR AFRICA! 
Cos Africa is indeed OURS.! 

By Uloma Nnabuihe