Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Have you ever been deep in thought or lost on an issue and suddenly someone says something.
Could be a passerby or in a conversation with a friend that you were half-listening to.
Suddenly! they say just the right word and it triggers answers in your mind, clear pictures showing you what to do.
It is an amazing feeling i must say.
The other person might have no idea how much they've helped but deep in your mind you know it.
If you are the expressive type you could give them a hug or even scream. lol.
Its a great feeling to have questions answered, mysteries solved, ideas conceived by the trigger of one word or sentence.

That's how the Revealed word of God (Rhema) feels. A word in due season.
When the holy Spirit uses a particular scripture to minister to you in your dire time of need.
It boosts your faith, it excites you.
His word reveals the mysteries of his purpose and plan for your life Ephesians 1vs 8-10.

As people who have to work everyday, its not easy to spend reasonable time studying the Word of God but if we would remember that just as the body needs food.
The soul also needs to be fed. And one way or the other it will be fed. So won't you rather consciously feed your soul with God's word, or unconsciously allow it to be constantly fed with all the garbage in this world.
Reading the Bible cannot be seen as a daily routine or you would miss the whole point, its a process of edifying your soul as you did your body with physical food.

There is a word for you today about that Situation you are in.
Take time to study and meditate on God's word today.
Let it be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. Psalm 119 vs 105, 2 peter 1vs 19

God Bless you

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  1. This is a very encouraging post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Here's what I think, Oma.
    Most people cannot find the spiritual satisfaction from God's word as they would from their regular food. It actually takes a level of spiritual intimacy with the Holy Spirit and above all, a revelation of yourself in God.
    If you have a concrete identity of who you are in Christ, you would know that you just cannot do without feeding from his word. I used to be so sarcastic of Christianity.. until I found my way.. and now.. believe me.. no matter how busy I am.. no matter the time.. i always read from my bible.
    Because i see in a different light every single time I read just one passage from the scriptures.. I extract so many counsels and admonition from a verse or a chapter or a story arc from the bible.. and that lasts me for weeks..
    Best of all, when u worship with the children of God. Doing your Priestly duty before God by singing worship and hyms and praises. i pity people or christians who deliberately miss worship time, and go in for only the prayers and message. We are priests before God, and part of a priest's duty is to offer incense of worship to God. Same thing King David did.
    And we neglect our duty when we avoid this.
    Reading the word, singing praises.. there is no sure way of getting the Father's attention. So you see why some people are more blessed than others...
    As for me.. my blessings are nothing more than the Holy Spirit the Father gave me the moment i asked Him for it.. and He has been more than all I need. I priase Him, i worship Him.. and I love Him.

  3. This is so lifting, knowing that there's a word for you for each day, the scripture is really the picture for our

  4. Oma, The bIble is indeed the revealed word of God. When we take the time to read it. We see ourselves in the bible, it is our mirror.

    Thank you for sharing this comforting and encouraging word.

  5. i'm glad it was helpful.
    Thanks for taking time to read it.