Monday, October 25, 2010


Beautifully crafted,Sensually gifted.

A woman is the very spice of life itself.
Some say she has to be married.

Others say she has to be mature.

No matter what your opinion of a woman is, the definition is simple; she is the female human.

With the recent decrease in the age females get into puberty, who can really classify the age group we can call women?

Girls now reach puberty at age 8(yes they do! ) will you say they are not women..?

The first form of creation after Gods was done by a woman;

Her ability to birth life from herself.

A woman is a strong force, powerful, incredibly creative and intensely passionate.
She is the most perfect form of God’s creation.
Why then do women allow themselves to be used, suppressed, and stripped of their power and passion for living life to its fullest?

The answer is simple. Ignorance.

Ignorance is a cankerworm that has eaten into the very roots of this amazing species.

This destructive mole has survived through generations, permeating belief systems, religions and cultures.

You are second place they all seem to say.

You don’t deserve the value of life a man deserves. But....

Women do not realise how incredibly powerful they are!
They do not realise that us and only us determine our life value and what we deserve.

Not the society, not our religion, definitely not our culture.

Knowing this, women who share my view have come together and decided that it’s time to reposition, educate and empower our kind to enable them master and maximize womanhood.
Next to the sun is the power of a woman; the earth soon withers and dies without it

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