Monday, November 29, 2010


An emotional hangover is what you feel when you try to let go of an emotion you have held onto for longer than you should.

This weekend, I experienced my first (and last, i hope) emotional hangover.

We ended our relationship more than two years ago so that we could move on with our lives.

He wanted to get married, I wanted to pursue a career, and our life paths seem to go in different directions.

We remained close friends and as often as possible I prayed for him to find a good wife.
Well, he did get married this weekend and I was there.

Truth is had a hard time making a decision to attend the wedding cause I felt it was out of place for me to.
I decided to go cause as friends it was the right thing to do.

When I got there I did not know what to feel  or how to act till I saw the couple dancing down the aisle.
One part of me said; it’s your loss girl!

Another part said, just be cheerful for him.
I was truly happy for him.

The time preceding this was not exactly the best time of his life as someone whose close friends were married and he felt kind of odd.
I was happy that at last he got what his heart desired.

I spent a few hours, ate some free food, danced on my seat then i decided to leave.
As I headed out the door of the hall, my heart swelled inside of me and tears started to roll down my eyes.
This was definitely not tears of joy.

All the way back home, the tears kept rolling down.
I tried to give myself an explanation but failed to.

Then it dawned on are having an emotional hangover girlfriend, crying over spilled milk.  

Deep down inside me I began to realise that even though we were not dating,I still held a part of him for myself and I did obviously for too long.

To recover from my hangover, I began to ask myself realistic questions like; forget the glitz and appeal of getting married, was that what I really wanted right now? My answer was still a reverberating NO!

This stirred me out of my wistful state and helped me pass through this hangover an even better person.

So I say to you today,

Look inside of your heart, what emotions are you holding on to?

Who have you not forgiven for what they did early this year?

No matter how hard it may seem( it could be hard), the hangover from holding onto it inside for too long in your heart sure is not an experience we would like to go through.

Learn to let this go cos you can’t control anything or anyone else’s actions or reactions but yours.

Learn from my experience,

Let it go today.

You will be glad you did.

God bless you


  1. True that! letting it go is deciding to really live, instead of just going through the motions. Thanks.

  2. I liked this post a lot, thanks

  3. I knw how it feels like cuz i av bn there too,but d most important thing is never trade ur happiness for anything.What i always tell myself is dis: Do not compromise your happiness....

  4. thanks Remiroy. i had issues commenting on your blog;believe me when i say im a firm believer of a purely christain radio and TV station in nigeria.
    Lummie thanks so much.
    Nuru,good that the way i felt was not strange.

  5. Indeed, what you don't let go of, will always hang on to you. When it comes to moving on, I've always advised people to travel light... by this I mean, travel and leave your burdens of the past, buggages that gives you constant break down, worry for something you can do nothing about (at least not any longer)... Life is too short to keep hanging on to such.

    Thanks for sharing Oma.

    - LDP

  6. light. you don't need the extra baggage.

  7. This is so timely. A word in season.
    Thanks and God bless.
    Keep 'em coming