Saturday, November 27, 2010

Big thank you

Go on,take a peek,
even for one tiny second,
you know you want to,
you know you'd love to,
thats the voice in my head,
telling me what to do,
its hard to resist the temptation,
to see how many are reading,
how many have gazed through,
or at least who have dropped by,
to take a peek at what this young lady has to say.

So i give in,
i check the stats.
hundreds and hundreds pouring in to view this blog page.
astounded at the numbers and a bit intimidated by it also.
i wonder what i have to say to all this wonderful,learned,intelligent people.
i try to write but my fingers fail me.
i try to type but the keyboard looks more complex,
i have managed to put this little note together.
to you,yes you reading.
Thank you for taking the time.
I love you all


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