Friday, December 17, 2010


Everything starts with the first step.

A child goes from crawling to walking by taking the first step.

The first step is always the one we dread the most.

Whether its starting a project or a family. Starting that career or relationship.

Taking the first action is the scariest and funny enough the most important.
A wise man once said;you dont have to see the whole staircase,just take the first step.

When driving in the dark for instance,and you put on your headlights. You do not see the whole road,you only see a few meters in front of you.
Do you pack your car and switch off the ignition? No! You keep driving.because you know that all thats important is the next few meters,then the next and the next.

The next few steps may be bumpy and rough but as long as you took the first will get all the help you need to seethat journey through.

Remember,afterall you have taken so much time preparing yourself and equipping yourself.

You are armed with all you need and any other help will come to you along the way.

We all dream,wish and sometimes plan but how many of us get to take action.

We get stuck in all the thinking about how to take the first step.

Make the bold choice today to take the first step towards achieving all those goals you have set for the new year.

As you do this,enjoy the journey.
Learn from downs,enjoy the ups and soon enough you will have a very beautiful ending.

God bless you

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