Thursday, December 16, 2010

FW: Declutter your life.

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As i write this post,i am tired to my bones.

The week has been very busy with loads of physical work around the house involved.

Cleaning,decluttering and slight rearrangement around the house.

Now i appreciate the work that Interior decorators do.

i must say i am pretty good at this

As the year comes to an end,i cannot help but wonder how we gathered up so much stuff around the house.

Most of which we have absolutely no need for.

I also realised that as we( my lil bro helped out) started to declutter,the space kind of brought a feeling of more clarity.

Clutter can truly be depressing.

When you have all this stuff around that you have not used in years.

Sometimes its better to take a day off(weekends are better) to clean and clear.

I promise you one thing.

When you are done,you will feel a sense of satisfaction and who doesnt love some extra space.

I know some of these things around the house could be of sentimental value so we might find it hard to let go of them.

You can pass them on to someone who needs them instead of keeping them in a box. So that when you see them use them,you can relieve the momories you so truly cherish.

My mum did not want to let go of a table that was older than all of her kids! Though it still looked good and antique,but it was kinda out of place in the house. End of story,she turned it into a better looking table.

Take some time out this last few weeks and take out the clutter.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Happy Decluttering.

By Oma Nnabuihe.

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