Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello people.
I know i have been quiet for a while.
I had a busy end of week and had to rest after the great time praising God for at least 8 hours at THE EXPERIENCE LAGOS 2010
This is an annual all night praise program that happens in Lagos every first Friday in December.
This year's edition hosted Great gospel artists like Don Moen,Mary Mary, Chervelle Franklin,
Panam Percy Paul, Ron kenoly, Judy Jacobs, Israel Houghton,Papa San ( Yay) and many more.
It is always an indescribable experience. im having a hard time describing the event.
how do you describe an 11 hr praise,worship,prayer, and dance session?
see what i mean?
Its a time we thank God for the year(what better way than to praise him for his mercy and grace).
We also take time out to pray for the oncoming year.
Hundreds of thousands of people leave home hours early just to secure choice seats at the event.
Lagos becomes the place of the moment as Thousands travel from all over the country to be a part of this event.
This years edition was also broadcast live on one of Nigeria's Cable television.
I shot some unprofessional video clips with my phone but cant seem to upload it. found out there are clips on youtube so enjoy.
Really wish i could share the day with you.
Have you ever danced so much that you don't know when you start jumping cos you cant contain yourself anymore?
that was my experience.
I love praising God.
God bless Pastor Paul Adefarasin the initiator of this great event for taking the risk,time and efforts to make this a reality.

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  1. Never been to any of the programmes, but caught last year's on tv and it was LOVELY!
    Prasing is a total package: mind, heart, soul, spirit and your body - everything is invloved and all benefit as well.

    Well done!