Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As the year winds to an end, its easy to start beating yourself up for goals that have not yet come to reality.

You may feel disappointed and discouraged.

It is a trick of the devil to distract you from this very important time of the year.

This time is not only for evaluation of the present ending year but a time for sowing.

Its a time to sow seeds that you want to see fruits manifest in 2011.

Remember the story of the wheat and weed in Matthew 13 vs 24-30.

When the farmer (You and me) sowed good seed then the enemy came and planted thorns (bad friends, bad experiences) among them. Jesus said, let them grow together till the time of harvest then separate the wheat from the thorns and burn them.

If the enemy planted thorns in your life this year and they choked the life out of you making you less productive; this is the time to harvest.

Some things may not happen except through prayer and fasting.
You can dedicate a few days in this remaining time of the year to fast and pray for divine intervention.
Thank him for the passing year.

Ask him to remove thorns from your life; those friendships and relationships and sicknesses, accidents bad experiences and all form of losses that have pulled you back from achieving all you have hoped to achieve this year.

Pray for him to reveal the way he wants 2011 to go in your life so that you can walk according to his purpose.

 Remember he wishes above all things that you be in good health even as your soul prospers.

There is nothing as soothing and empowering as when God reveals his plan for your 2011 in 2010.

With this revelation then you can start to sow seeds into your new year.

Declare long life, God’s grace which passes all understanding, direction, zeal and everything you want into your new year.

One thing I can assure you of is that anything you leave in God’s hands is safe and sound and comes back to you with added value.

He always, always hears us.
This is also a time to give to those who are in need;it does not matter how small.

Read Isaiah Chapter 61 every day of this fast 
As you do this, I trust that God will lead you and see you through a 2011 of fulfilment.

God bless you.


  1. Oma, what a beautiful blog. I love the connection you make to the earth. I believe if we pay attention to what is happening in nature it reflects what is happening internally for us. There is great wisdom in the seasons and cycles. Abundant Blessings to all.