Friday, December 31, 2010


I apologize for being silent for almost a month now.
I promise that this new year will be better.
You can expect more uplifting and encouraging posts.
I encourage you all to contribute with your comments and suggestions this new year.

As we end this year,what are your expectations and resolutions and plans for the coming year?
Has this year been good to you?
Do you think the new year will be better?

I know we all have expectations and resolutions.
Have you written them down?
Its easier to remember things when you write them down.
Write them down.
Ask God for grace to accomplish them all this new year.

If you always party into the new year.
While don't you take time out to pray into this new year.
I trust that as you seal your new year with God"s favor and grace, it will be a fulfilling new year for you.
Happy new year"s eve

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