Tuesday, January 4, 2011


You have walked into this year 2011 with plans,

You have set goals you hope to achieve,

You have made New Year resolutions.

Some of us have made all these plans with absolute conviction and believe that it is possible

Some of us have made these plans with doubt and fear of the unknown in our hearts.

God is saying to you that all he needs you to do is believe that this year will bring you only good.

You need to believe that the limitations of the previous year, has gone with it.

This is your year of restoration

This is your year of unfathomable possibilities.

He needs you to believe it, only then can you receive it.

If you haven’t said a prayer this New Year, Why don’t you take some time now to do so.

What is it you want this year?

Write it down, make it plain and simple

Declare it into your life every day.

Take off the words impossible from your vocabulary this New Year.

Replace it with achievable.

This New Year you are attaining a higher level and reaching onto a new dimension.

It’s time for the rain,

The rain of God’s blessing.

God is enlarging your territory; he is increasing your sphere of influence.

He is turning whatever caused you shame in the past year into glory.

He has given you victory over sin, death, failures, bad habits, mediocrity.

Look around you, what do you see?

He will turn those things that make you sad around for joy.

Have the courage to believe,

Have the audacity to dream again,

Have the boldness to hope again

Dare to trust again that you are a partaker of his blessings this new year.

He will satisfy you with good health, prosperity, long life.

Make a decision to stay connected to him.

Make him your sole source of life’s goodness.

He loves you,

He will make this year good for you.

It’s a new dawn,

It’s a new year.

Happy New Year!!!

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