Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I yawn and I stretch, I breathe in deeply again

Refreshed, Refined, Renewed and Revived

Like an early bird I rise, into a brand new day

That lurked about all night, asking to give me a chance

To grasp all the treasures it holds within

The beauty of dawn enchants me, as i look out my window

The sun was barely out; it’s been gone all night

But slowly it creeps out, from a little crack in the sky.

Leisurely the day unfolds, boldly it conquers the night

 Much like a warrior on a covert mission

Soon all the streets will be lit, with sun rays so bright

They could pierce into your soul

It’s so easy to dread this day and what it may bring

All the suspense it conveys, all the mysteries it holds

What side of its different colours and faces will I see today?

But the dawn of each new day, feels like God is writing me a letter

A personal love letter meant for me and me alone

He sends it to me through a never failing medium

The beauty and radiance of each new morning

And he uses words engraved in the sky

I unclipped my wings, and I’m ready to soar

To take all that’s mine in this new day

Only I can make today worth it, its outcome is in my hands

It’s left to me to make it worth my effort?

Or leave it for the wind to blow away like chaff?

With the myriad of thoughts running through my mind

It’s so easy to get confused about how to start today

But I’ve made a decision deep down in my heart

 To make a difference today, to write my name in the sky

With letters as bright as the sun, so the rain can’t wash it away


  1. Wow! nice poem babe. It hit me.
    I;m not exactly a poem person but this had me following.
    Nice work!

  2. thanks so much. i'm still learning

  3. Ummmm. This is simply breathtaking.