Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let Go Of Your Garbage

A good indication that you’re on the right path is when you start to see more of your garbage.

You start noticing the ego at play and how you allow it to take hold of you and in your interactions with others. 

You start noticing your bad habits, unkind attitude and not-so- pleasant character at play

Seeing our garbage is never easy, but it’s what we do once we see it that makes all the difference. 

Getting down, depressed or sad won’t help us to change it, so that’s a waste of time. 

On the other hand, we could feel grateful for having the clarity to see what it is we need to change so our lives can improve. 

Imagine if we could make the shift so that seeing our garbage becomes an awesome part of the process! 

If we can’t see our garbage, we can't make the improvements that will make us become better people and move closer to a place of light and peace

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