Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There are three sure steps to getting what you want out of life and every situation in life.
1.Ask: some of us might say God should know my heart desire.He knows our minds and our thoughts but instead of just lazying around expecting him to read your ming,he wants you to take one step towards your desire.
Open your mouth and ask him.
Speak in plain specific terms.
Tell him exactly what you want,how you want it,
Why you want it.
When doing this keep in mind that whatever you are asking for must be in line with his will for your life.:dont ask God for a car so that you can make your neighbor feel oppressed.
Dont ask him for money so that you can buy the most expensive clothes and make others sin by envying you.
Ask God for anything keeping this at the back of our mind.

2 Believe: This is the hardest of the three steps.
Most times when we make requests we still have doubts about it coming to past.
Some of us have a habit of asking just because someone said so,while in our deepest hearts we do not believe what we want is a  possibility.
this puts a lot of negative energy around us which repels the physical expression of our heart desires.
Remember in the book of James 1 vs 6 tells us that he who asks must ask in faith cos a double minded person will receive NOTHING from God.
The best way to build your faith is to remember something that seemed impossible that you asked God for he did for you..
Recall this to mind,hold on to this belief and you will quicken your faith.

3 Receive : Some people have Asked (according to Gods will),Believed, and still they have not seen the manifestation of their heart desire.
This is not because there prayers was not answered by God but because they have not opened up their heart to receive it.
Some people expect their answers to show up right on their door step;while it happens some times,it is not always so.
God might answer your prayer by revealing ideas and thoughts you have never imagined.
He might give you a business idea in that unemployment.
He might bring people that you never felt you could meet your way.
Pray to God that he should open the eyes and ears of your understanding so that you can receive the rich blessings he has given you.

Now you can get whatever it is you desire just remember to.

By Oma Nnabuihe

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