Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I think I have received enough insult from the above mentioned entity.
Enough insult to last a lifetime of two people.
I would not want to go into any negative thoughts about it, because I believe that I have forgotten all the mistakes I made with it.
It is obvious to me though that it’s not about the paper chase, no it’s not; it’s my mindset and attitude towards it.
I think I have had just enough.
Now because I have forgotten the negatives,
I cannot mention what you have caused me by not being around.  
I have written how I really feel to you in this letter enclosed

Dear Money,  
I know I have not treated you well enough, to make you stay for long enough.
I have not given you all that you asked for. I have not given you my heart, so why will I expect all of yours.
The times you came around, you just stayed a little while to make me happy and make me smile. You stay like it’s a one night stand. I wonder why you have to do that.
 Have I not tried at least?
 I have gotten a job, I have read books, I have even gone to school(those long nights of necessary reading)
What more do you want from me?
What can I do to make you stay with me and give me your heart?
What can I do to make you treat me like your better half?  
Growing up, nobody thought me about you. I was not told how to treat you right or how to make you stay.
I was even told that you are evil, and you only stay with the wicked people. I was taught that nobody has your heart except he had to do some really evil things.
I had the wrong impressions about you, I was told never to trust you, or love you.  
Now I know of a truth, that some of those notions are wrong.
I know you are good (indeed real good) good enough to help solve a lot of problems.
Now I am grown, I have to realize that you are precious; you are very, very precious.
You change a lot of things;
You changed lives, achieved dreams; you took people where they never thought they would be.
You have helped people meet those they would ordinarily never meet
These facts I find rare and highly admirable
 I wish you will do the same for me.  
I am asking you to come back, I need you back.
Give me your heart, like you have never done before.
I will treat you kindly this time, I will never insult you, I will change my attitude towards you.
I am asking you to come to me and stay in your figure eight. The best shape for now. Come back and stay, you know my arms are open.  
But I must let you know, that you will be with me on the following terms.
I must be in control. I will not run around for you. You will not drive me crazy; I am the master in this relationship. I shall tell you where to go and when to go.   
Finally, come back, I have prepared a place for you. I will treat you with the best attitude, give you to the right people and let you rest in nice accounts.
You will do the work of the righteous, pay for the education of the less priveledge, help the sick, the poor and the needy.
You will help me solve problems, settle disputes and get tough people thinking straight again.   
So I am asking you. Please come back.
Come back to me; this time to stay
Yours lovingly   
Mbonu Tochukwu

Post contributed by
Mbonu Tochukwu