Thursday, November 25, 2010


This is just a little piece about what I’m thankful for.

Sometimes it’s easy for me to think that someone else has more reason to be thankful than i do.
Truth is no matter what circumstances I am going through, the single fact that I am among the living is enough reason to be thankful.

I could live the healthiest lifestyle ever known, go jogging in the morning, eat little or no carbs, do yoga and meditate; still i cannot guarantee that i will live the next minute.

I have learnt that the art of thanksgiving is the most powerful kind of prayer.
When I give thanks for things I have and things I don’t have, I set myself up for greater and better things to come.

I know I cannot remember all you have done for me but please God forgive my forgetfulness.
I thank you cause I know that next time I will remember even more to give thanks for.

Please spare me a few minutes of your busy schedule and listen to my prayer of thanksgiving.

I am grateful for family,

I am grateful that I found love.

I am grateful that I have learnt to trust and commit.

I am grateful that when I walk down the street people still find courage to say you are beautiful.

I am grateful that even though some people feel I am not qualified for my job, they still admit that I do it better than them.

I am grateful for good friends even those who feel they are in competition with me.

I am grateful for education.

I thank you for internet and computers

I am grateful that I am in
good health and can afford to have ice-cream and cake when I want to.
I am grateful for the little pouch of excess fat I noticed on my stomach last week; cause I know that you will give me the energy and drive I need to go to the gym

I am grateful that I was alive to witness the swearing in of the first black president of the USA even though I’m Nigerian.

I am grateful cause my country is getting better and only good leaders will be elected next year.

I am grateful that i can give to those in need even if it’s just Ten naira once in a while. Cause I know you will bless me enough to give on an even larger scale.

I am grateful for inspiration to start my day and motivation to function optimally.

I am grateful for nature and all around me

I am grateful for all those reading this right now cause I know you will bless them for taking time out to visit my blog.

I am grateful for phones

I am grateful for movies especially those with Julia Roberts in them.( I love her)

I am grateful for books especially the Bible and anyone from Paulo Coelho.

I am grateful for music especially by Kirk Franklin and Cece winans.(bless them).

I am grateful for so much more than I can ever bring to account. Remember God this is just the tip of the Iceberg of what you have done for me.

For those of us who do not have a specific date set out as thanksgiving, you can pick out a day yourself.

Make it a memorable day like your birthday, wedding anniversary, or a day you were divinely healed from a stubborn illness or miraculously saved from a life threatening accident.

When you pick out this date, mark it on your calendar and spend time on this day every year giving thanks.

I pray that you will always have a reason to give thanks.

Now to my American friends.



  1. This is a beautiful piece. You have allowed me to find more things to be grateful for.

    Thank you

  2. thanks so much tochi.
    I pray you continue to find things in your life to be grateful for

  3. Giving thanks is not just biblical, its helps take the mind away from all the troubles around... who wouldn't like that?

  4. I have to start thanking Him profusely.Thanx Oma for opening my eyes....

  5. Thanks P.E.T and Nurudeen.
    Hope you find more reasons to give thanks this new month