Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Our mothers used to wear knee-length dresses, now we wear thigh-length dresses.

 Go to popular fun spots in Lagos like the Silverbird galleria and the palms,  you will see that the younger generation have grown bolder because they now wear bum-length dresses.  Some even wear jeans with their underpants hanging out.

With this trend and path we are taking I wonder what kind of fashion will be left for the generations to come. In all of this keeping up with latest fashion trends, what would you say is going too far? Or better put, crossing the line.

You may say what line? Who put the line in place?

Our generation is different than theirs so let them let us be. But really truly you know that this is a problem that we need to address soonest.

Though I’m not a fan of comparing past and present generations, I can say that dressing morals were much more acceptable in our parent’s time. Ironically they taught us what we know directly or indirectly so what are we talking about.

Fashion magazines, television, and all forms of media have made this indecency appear cool. Sometimes it feels like they are out to recruit believers.
Many have become slaves to fashion as some have to money. Breaking personal values all because they want to follow latest fashion trends.
The African culture and morals have been thrown into the wind.

The other day at the Silverbird’ s  30th anniversary celebration, I arrived early with two friends wearing my beautiful LBD (which is knee length by the way). We pick great seats only to have this young lady clad in a Top (lace top, meant to be worn with jeans, pants or leggings) come sit in front of us.
The sight was truly offending because it barely covered her bum and she would stand up severally to greet people. Good thing I decided to refocus my attention to the event.

But let’s talk candidly, how will you feel when your 13 year old decides to go to the movies or family gatherings wearing bum shorts?

Will you feel like a responsible parent who is doing their job right?
Or, would you feel like you lost control over them somewhere along the line.

How can we reduce this fading necessary moral? How can we instil the discipline to dress appropriate into the younger ones?

I remember a few years back when some legislators in Nigeria wanted to make a law to curb what they call indecent dressing and the public’s anger was flared up.
Some said that even those pushing the law, dress indecently to so they had no right to propound such a law.
Others said that it breaches the individual rights to freedom of expression.

Do we have to go as far a making a law? What is the responsibility of family in addressing this issue?
As I Christian, I believe that these are morals that should be solidly instilled in our children before they grow up and leave the house.

I personally believe that when I dress up to leave home, I must be comfortable. I will not wear I dress that I have to pull down/adjust every 3 minutes.  I make sure that when I sit down, I have my thighs and underpants covered (that’s why they are called underpants) covered.

Is it cool to walk out of your house half naked?

What is going too far? What is crossing the line?