Tuesday, November 23, 2010


You really want this to happen for you. You really, really do. So you start to think about it. Stop!
What exactly are you thinking about?! The desire you want fulfilled or the lack of it?

It has been said that where you focus more attention to, is where you will focus more energy on, and eventually what you will have come to you.

We cannot help but think about what we want out of life. We will
always have desires so we need to know that our thinking angle affects
the outcome of our desires. 

There are two ways which we focus our attention.

We are either thinking about our desires.This helps us find new ways to act so that it becomes a reality. Or
We are thinking of the Absence /Lack of our desire. This way we tend to get discouraged and sometimes feel defeated.

How can you know where your attention truly is?

Your feeling and emotions are like a life's compass, pointing you towards your dreams. They tell you when you are going in the right or wrong direction so you need to pay attention to them.
Your emotions are not beyond your control so you need to be consciously aware of them. 

Unlike some school of thought believe, this does not make you weak or fragile in anyway. It makes you stronger because you can take charge of your emotions, redirect your thought and steer your life in the direction you want it to go.

Positive feelings/emotions such as

Are all an indication that you are on the right path of creativity and
fulfilment of your desires.

 Meanwhile negative emotions such as

Feeling overwhelmed/Irritation
are all indicators that you are in the wrong path and if you don't change course soon you will miss out on the fulfilment of your true heart desires.

You get what you pay the most attention to

Your treasure (desire) is where you heart is.
The more attention you pay to a subject, the more actions you will take in line of that subject and subsequently your results will be
related to that subject.

For example,you can't desire more money but only think of how miserable you will be if you don't make more money these will cause you to feel negative emotions such as outlined above and this will do you no good. it only make you lack the vitality you need to take any right action to help your desire materialize but when feel positive emotions such as optimism, faith, hope, appreciation; you will be driven and motivated to take actions
and will be rewarded positively.

We should also note that when we feel negative emotions, we should not
beat ourselves up because we feel that way. They are like placards
telling you that you are headed in the wrong direction, action signals
pointing out to you that you need to redirect the ship of your
thoughts so you can achieve those dreams you really want.

Motivation is the energy that turns ideas into reality.....Poju Oyemade


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