Wednesday, November 17, 2010


 A woman’s body, a master piece

It has initiated researches.
It has stirred up controversies
It has made portraits attain fame and fortune
It is adorned and revered by all.
 A woman’s body is the definition of perfection.

It’s been classified into shapes and sizes
Pear, hourglass and all the likes
But no matter what shape yours falls into,
Or what size defines your endowments
You are beautiful as you are

You are crafted with utmost care and precision
Each part complementing the other,
Adornments on every angle,
Ornaments on every side,
You are the epitome of God’s creativity

You are endowed with hidden treasures
That only the chosen can explore
You are armed with an arsenal of power and pleasures
To build up or tear down
The sole ability to give life our kind

A woman’s body is to be treated
With the utmost respect and care
To be pampered and cherished
To be treasured by all
Ços tis where God put his final seal on all creation


  1. Quite agree with u dear for I am wonderfully and beautifully made, in good proportions with natural endowments. Every woman should love and appreciate her body for it is God's masterpiece

  2. hey oma....yu started blogging wivout teln moi?
    nice one tho

  3. tanx,but i just found you after so long.
    how you been? keep in touch