Tuesday, August 21, 2012


3 reasons why the guy should make the first move

The first time I watched the video of Carly Rae’s “Call me maybe” song, I laughed so hard.
It showed how far ladies can go to get a man’s attention. They smile, walk seductively, and flirt with their eyes. They do everything they can to move him to make a move towards them. No matter what your do ladies, if you hope to get anything productive out of the relationship you wish to establish; DO NOT MAKE THE FIRST MOVE and here’s why:

1: A Man’s Ego is always bigger than his Pocket.
While you may boost his ego on the short-term by walking over to give him your number or introduce yourself, nothing beats the long term effect of knowing that he got you himself.
Men are born hunters. They love to pursue things; power, money, career and status.
They love to Chase down things; they race cars and Chase women. It is their natural born instinct.
When you make the first move, you take their “right” from them. Forget what they say, truth is they don’t appreciate it. Period!
2: You don’t want to date a WIMP (a weak, timid person)
I know women are sometimes loving and caring and love to make up excuses for men. You say he’s shy, or he didn't what to interrupt your date/ conversation with your girlfriends, this and that. Slow down girl!

IF a man wants something, he gets it! If he is truly interested, he will find a way to get in touch with you.
You don’t want a guy who is always scared and lacks confidence.
You may argue that he’s probably scared of rejection. Guess what? We all get to deal with rejection every day. It’s a part of everyday life and maturity.

If she rejects you, move on. It doesn’t make you less of a man. Maybe you are not her type or you need to try harder.

3: Retain your Self- Respect
When you make the first move on a guy, there is huge probability that you will need to keep doing that for as long as the relationship survives.
You will need to do all the check-up calls, scheduling of dates and hangouts, send all the texts with little or no reciprocity.
Sooner than later, he would start to feel like you were the one who wants the relationship so you need to work for it.

Don’t get me wrong, you need to do all this in a relationship and its different because it’s mutual.
But when you make the first move, the guy may see you as cheap; he becomes rude, mock you among his friends, tags you a stalker and shows you no respect.
Ask happy couples you know about who made the first move. I’m sure less than 1percent would say they were chased by their wives.

I know the role of women has evolved over the decades. More women have become bread winners and hold top career positions so why can’t they make the first move at a man they like when they see he’s also interested.
One rule remains true and hasn’t changed through the generations.
When it comes to dating and marriage, your grandmother is still right; IT’S THE MANS JOB TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE.

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  1. Hello there, waving with love...

    this is not my first time here, but my first time of reading. I am so glad the background is no longer transparent, i found it difficult to read then..

    ok, now that is off my mind, might just treat myself to more posts.. xxx

  2. Thanks so much.
    Guess we share the same dad cos I am the King's daughter

  3. Jst came across your blog on bella naija! Love dz articule! 1nce told a guy I rili liked that I had a crush on him! Tins were okay @ first then it became rili akward! My bestie was mad wen she found out what I did. Let's jst sai I seriouslly regret and will neva ever do sumtyn like dat again, like neva ever!!! Tho we я friends now, I jst feel he has 1 over me!!!

    1. Thanks dear.
      Experience they say is the best teacher.